Mainland students

Wollongong College, formerly known as City University of Hong Kong college of Post-secondary Education, has a long history of providing quality post-secondary education opportunities to students in Hong Kong and China。The university is registered as a government-approved post-secondary college under the Post-Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap. 320) of Hong Kong and is a member of the University of Wollongong * Global Network 。 The school offers a wide range of self-financing bachelor's degree, Associate's Degree, Higher Diploma, Foundation Diploma, International Language Proficiency Test and preparation courses。Apart from regular courses, we also organise short-term overseas study programmes to broaden students' horizons and promote their whole person development。The school employs about 200 highly qualified senior teaching staff to implement the concept of whole-person education, supported by a rigorous quality assurance mechanism。 * According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Wollongong in Australia is ranked top 200 in 2022。

* According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Wollongong in Australia is ranked 196th in 2021。

2021/2022Spring admission

(Opening Date: January 17, 2022)


Course selection

Faculty of BusinessSchool of business,

Associate of Business Administration in General Management 
Associate of Business Administration (Business Administration)

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Entrance stairway

Mainland students can choose to study overseas or stay in Hong Kong after graduation。 Apart from applying for bachelor's degree programmes in Hong Kong, the university has established a network with a number of overseas universities to facilitate candidates to apply for the second or third year of their degree programmes in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and Japan。

Admission program briefing session

Parents and students are welcome to attend a briefing session on "Admission scheme for Associate Degree Programmes for Mainland Students" at the following time。

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Solemnly declare on enrolling mainland students

Wollongong College Hong Kong does not entrust any intermediary agency to recruit mainland students。
For enquiries about admission, please contact us directly。

电话: (852) 2707 3111
E-mail: uowchk - the main @

Recruit students object 

  • Ordinary senior high school graduates with a score of 90 or above (full mark: 150) or equivalent in the college entrance examination
  • Pass our English - based interview
  • Applicants will be selected on the basis of their gaokao scores, English proficiency and comprehensive interview results

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements but perform well in the interview will be considered for admission。
#For details of equivalent qualifications, please refer to "Admission Qualifications" on the official website of nCCU.。

Application process

  1. Print and fill in the registration Form [Download application Form]
  2. Documents to be submitted:
    • Copy of Mainland Identity card
    • Copy of Hong Kong and Macao Pass (if any)
    • Copies of academic certificates, such as college entrance examination transcript, college entrance examination admission ticket, high school graduation certificate, school transcript, etc. (Please indicate on the application form if academic documents are needed for replacement)
    • Copies of other documents supporting the application
  3. The application fee
  4. Application method 
    Send an email to uowchk-main@uow as a scanned

Either in person or by Courier

  1. Application Deadline
    Round 1: October 29, 2021

Round 2: November 30, 2021

  1. The interview arrangement
    Applicants are required to attend an English - based selection interview。Interview arrangements will be notified by email or telephone after application is submitted。
  2. Application Result -
    Successful applicants will receive a "Conditional Offer letter" from the University. Applicants are required to submit the application materials and pay the first instalment of tuition fee and administrative fees for non-local students within the time limit specified in the conditional offer letter. The first instalment of tuition fee is non-refundable。Overdue payment of the first tuition will be regarded as giving up admission。


Learning costs

  • Our sub-degree program is based on 63 credit points for two academic years and costs HK$1,600 per credit。The total tuition fee for both academic years is about HK$100,800。
  • Mainland students are required to pay HK48,000 for first year tuition fee and HK10,000 for administrative expenses。
  • The annual tuition, living and accommodation costs are estimated at about HK $150,000

Student Visa Application

  • Mainland students are required to apply for a student visa in accordance with the immigration Ordinance of the HKSAR government。
  • The school will sponsor the visa application of the admitted full-time students and assist in arranging the submission of applications to the Hong Kong Immigration Department。The school is responsible for the application and mailing fees。
  • It takes six to eight weeks to apply for a student visa。

Accommodation arrangements

  • The university does not have student hostels and students have to solve their own accommodation problems in Hong Kong。
  • Before renting a house in Hong Kong, students are advised to read the guidelines [下载] to prevent fraud。


Declaration on Recruiting Mainland Students

  1. We do not entrust any organization to recruit mainland students, but we are happy to introduce our courses at the invitation of relevant organizations;
  2. 内地生可自行报读本校Associate Degree Programme,有关报名程序,请查阅<<Application guidelines>>
  3. Whether mainland students can continue to study in universities after graduation depends mainly on their academic performance and the admission requirements of the university courses。